As website designers and developers we are constantly trying to out do ourselves, it’s called ambition.

Being a good website and graphic designer requires much discipline and a certain amount of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), actually a lot of OCD.

As designers we must not only look ahead (what will 2016 trends be?) but we must look back to see where we with todays technology can be better than 2014. Listening to clients and customers also influences design as does media, technology and news. We as Designers must be switched on to everything around us (same as an artist) and create something from it that is relevant to the clients business.

Cinellax Website Design, Responsive Website Design, Cinellax Website Design, Parallax Website Design, CMS Website Design, WordPress Theme Websites,  Coffs Harbour, Ballina, Lismore, Tweed Heads, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Dorrigo, Tamworth, Casino, Tenterfield, Ulladulla, Wagga Wagga, Macarthur, Sydney, Wollongong, Bourke, Kyogle, Bega, Nowra, Narellan, BellingenBut in saying this, to push the boundary a little each time and we see the evolution of the website as it evolves and should continue to evolve. Look at Parallax Scrolling, Animations (non Flash) using html5 and css3, Responsive Designs and the use of footage as part (not added too) of the websites design like Cinellax Website Design. Our work must now not only appear clean and functional on a PC but it must also work to perfection on smart phones, tablets, screens of all sizes and smart TV’s.

We all know that content is King but letting your design tell your story is our big prediction for 2016. Great Design can create imagination as well as visually keep your viewers on your site it needs to get them talking, returning and get an emotion through the design.

  • Cinellax does this with footage showcasing your business, products and or specialties.
  • Parallax Design is one thing we love to use. Parallax when designed and planned perfectly will give the user an experience they have never had before from a website, long scrolling needs to be executed to perfection for this medium and technology to give the desired effects.
  • Wide websites. Have you noticed websites are getting wider? Well they are and they are holding more and more information and loading quicker than ever on viewers devices.
  • Keeping websites simple. Many sites are overly complicated, especially for the user whom after a few clicks of the mouse through the navigation is completely lost. Government and large corporations are notorious for this. Remember the K.I.S.S. principle!
  • We love design but honestly a website with rich and professional pictures cannot be the biggest winning factor in a website visually and when used in connection with Parallax Scrolling and Cinellax you will have a stunning website that will literally drop jaws.
  • Menus for 2016 we see will be changing. Up until recently the responsive menus on a website has been pretty ordinary but now we will are seeing and designing flyout and slideout App style Menus.
  • For 2016 I see very large Typography in web design mainly with large bold headings. The reason is that it will make a visual statement as soon as you hit the page.
  • So with all this new tech coming in 2015, new designs, new trends we as Designers and Developers are faced with the issue of the weight of the website. Everybody hates a slow loading websites, especially on a mobile device. So getting the most out of very little in every graphic, vector, picture and not using any code not essential will be the key to the evolution of the website in 2015.