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Mobile Friendly Websites and Google

Early in 2012 we decided that all of our websites would be designed and developed as Responsive. We didn’t like the feel or look of mobile web pages so decided to bite the bullet and advise all new customers that Responsive design was the future and the way to go.

Over this time we have had possibly 4-5 customers ask not to go responsive as they didn’t think it would suit their business website, we tended to agree with them as they were more shopping cart websites and their particular applications didn’t really need the responsive or mobile friendly design.

It seems that this decision back in 2012 has paid off, we have noticed things changing with the ranking of responsive sites for the past 6 months. Anyway Google has decided to favor Responsive Website, you may see in search results Google has placed the term Mobile Friendly beside listings where the website owner has a mobile friendly or responsive website.

Here is what Google have to say in their Webmaster Blog:

Finding more mobile-friendly search results

When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns. In the past, we’ve made updates to ensure a site is configured properly and viewable on modern devices. We’ve made it easier for users to find mobile-friendly web pages and we’ve introduced App Indexing to surface useful content from apps. Today, we’re announcing two important changes to help users discover more mobile-friendly content:

1. More mobile-friendly websites in search results
Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.

To get help with making a mobile-friendly site, check out our guide to mobile-friendly sites. If you’re a webmaster, you can get ready for this change by using the following tools to see how Googlebot views your pages:

If you want to test a few pages, you can use the Mobile-Friendly Test.
If you have a site, you can use your Webmaster Tools account to get a full list of mobile usability issues across your site using the Mobile Usability Report.
2. More relevant app content in search results
Starting today, we will begin to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed. As a result, we may now surface content from indexed apps more prominently in search. To find out how to implement App Indexing, which allows us to surface this information in search results, have a look at our step-by-step guide on the developer site.

Website Trends for 2015

As website designers and developers we are constantly trying to out do ourselves, it’s called ambition.

Being a good website and graphic designer requires much discipline and a certain amount of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), actually a lot of OCD.

As designers we must not only look ahead (what will 2016 trends be?) but we must look back to see where we with todays technology can be better than 2014. Listening to clients and customers also influences design as does media, technology and news. We as Designers must be switched on to everything around us (same as an artist) and create something from it that is relevant to the clients business.

Cinellax Website Design, Responsive Website Design, Cinellax Website Design, Parallax Website Design, CMS Website Design, WordPress Theme Websites,  Coffs Harbour, Ballina, Lismore, Tweed Heads, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Dorrigo, Tamworth, Casino, Tenterfield, Ulladulla, Wagga Wagga, Macarthur, Sydney, Wollongong, Bourke, Kyogle, Bega, Nowra, Narellan, BellingenBut in saying this, to push the boundary a little each time and we see the evolution of the website as it evolves and should continue to evolve. Look at Parallax Scrolling, Animations (non Flash) using html5 and css3, Responsive Designs and the use of footage as part (not added too) of the websites design like Cinellax Website Design. Our work must now not only appear clean and functional on a PC but it must also work to perfection on smart phones, tablets, screens of all sizes and smart TV’s.

We all know that content is King but letting your design tell your story is our big prediction for 2016. Great Design can create imagination as well as visually keep your viewers on your site it needs to get them talking, returning and get an emotion through the design.

  • Cinellax does this with footage showcasing your business, products and or specialties.
  • Parallax Design is one thing we love to use. Parallax when designed and planned perfectly will give the user an experience they have never had before from a website, long scrolling needs to be executed to perfection for this medium and technology to give the desired effects.
  • Wide websites. Have you noticed websites are getting wider? Well they are and they are holding more and more information and loading quicker than ever on viewers devices.
  • Keeping websites simple. Many sites are overly complicated, especially for the user whom after a few clicks of the mouse through the navigation is completely lost. Government and large corporations are notorious for this. Remember the K.I.S.S. principle!
  • We love design but honestly a website with rich and professional pictures cannot be the biggest winning factor in a website visually and when used in connection with Parallax Scrolling and Cinellax you will have a stunning website that will literally drop jaws.
  • Menus for 2016 we see will be changing. Up until recently the responsive menus on a website has been pretty ordinary but now we will are seeing and designing flyout and slideout App style Menus.
  • For 2016 I see very large Typography in web design mainly with large bold headings. The reason is that it will make a visual statement as soon as you hit the page.
  • So with all this new tech coming in 2015, new designs, new trends we as Designers and Developers are faced with the issue of the weight of the website. Everybody hates a slow loading websites, especially on a mobile device. So getting the most out of very little in every graphic, vector, picture and not using any code not essential will be the key to the evolution of the website in 2015.

Hashtags in Facebook

A business should use hashtags if they are used correctly. It’s completely pointless adding loads of hashtags for the sake of it or adding hashtags that no one is going to monitor or care about.

Use hashtags (1 or 2 only) when they make sense and when you use something relevant that people can filter on to find more relevant conversation. If I wanted to create conversation around social media tools I would start including a hashtag #NSWWebsiteDesign and then I’d encourage conversation around this.

Facebook creates a unique URL for the hashtags used so I can point people to the conversation to encourage more people to use the hashtag and create more relevant conversation. So please don’t hashtag #everything (example of a pointless hashtag).

Use them wisely in the way they were designed i.e. to help create and continue and conversation around relevant topics.

If you would like someone to talk to and get advice for your Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking pages, give us a call or email and we are more than happy to help you best we can.

Ph: 1300 NSW WEB (1300 679 932)

Spam Emails

In recent weeks we have seen an increase in companies contact website owners (including us) and telling them their websites are not ranking well or look terrible on mobile phones and tablets.

Here is one sent to one of our customers today:

Subject: claim your mobile website
Resent-From: “sbaben82@gmail.com”
Resent-Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 02:00:30 GMT

Hi ,
Unlike the sites of some of your competitors, your website ########.com.au is NOT Mobile Friendly. I’ll be honest, the site looks terrible on a mobile phone as you can see on the left image here:


This is losing you money daily and causing your competition to get these clients.
Thousands of people in Sydney search for flooring companies from their mobile phones but it is hard for these potential clients to find your contact info on your site. Since your site is not mobile friendly, the stats show that approximately 40% of your visitors leave your site immediately and turn to one of your competitors.
I have a simple solution for you to easily start capturing these leads. Just ask yourself, how much is each one of these leads worth to you?
So, look at your new mobile website here: http://mobilewebsitesdesign.com.au/compare/###########/ (We have removed this customers url identity)
For a better experience you can open the link above on your mobile phone.
Give me a call and I’ll tell you more about this solution.
Talk Soon,
Serge Babeshko
(02) 9119 6441
SBMS – http://mobilewebsitesdesign.com.au/

Now as you will see from the email return or senders address it has nothing to do with his company (alleged) Mobile Website Design. The customer of ours that this was sent to is in fact a Responsive Website, meaning it works across all browsers. All I can suggest to those of you that get emails from bottom dwellers like this is to reply via their website if they have one or the email they sent to you, then block them and report them to Google. Here is the Link to do so:


Or if you get SMAP emails like the above send a complaint with a copy of the email to:



Image websites created a brand new website for our Real Estate Agency. Being a Real Estate Agency, a website is the face of our business. Image Websites exceed all of our expectations and we now have a website we are proud of. A big thank you!
For over 15 years, I have dreamed of opening my own boutique real estate agency. I had an idea; a vision of exactly what I wanted my website to look like and I can so happily say that Image Websites has made it a reality!!They listened to (alot!!) of my ideas; were patient, professional, helpful and so easy to deal with. They continually gave me great advice, which in the end has helped create a wonderful website I am very proud of.Already, I have recommended NSW Website Design to my family & friends and will continue to do so.Thank you, thank you, thank you
I’m so glad I engaged Image Website to develop my online site. I was completely in the dark about where to start but after my first meeting with the team at NSW Websites, I had a much clearer understanding of what it was all about and what was needed. It wasn’t as much about them merely gaining a new client as it was about them assisting me to create and build a successful online website and image. My success becomes their success.They have been readily available whenever I have had any questions or ideas about growing and improving my business and I now consider them an integral part of my business structure. I’m looking forward to a long and happy working relationship with NSW Websites and highly recommend them to anyone who is starting out or wanting to improve and grow.
We cannot more highly recommend NSW Website Design. They have been there for us every step of the way in the designing and building of both our websites.Our online store website was a HUGE task and we had some stumbling blocks along the way, but they overcame all of those and built us a website/shop just as we wanted and more.  Nothing is too much effort and if we have any problems a phone call, text or email and they are there to help.
Paula & CraigPaula & CraigChef & I Catering
Dear NSW Website Design,A big thank-you to you for creating our amazing, vibrant website. We receive so many positive comments from customers, and feel confident and proud that our website stands out within the industry we operate in.Right from the beginning, you understood what our goals and objectives were, and your creative genius and technical expertise has bought our business to life! We were impressed and pleased with how quickly you completed our site. We admire your work ethic and willingness to put in the extra hours to perfect your work.It was especially reassuring that you were our ‘one point of contact’ through each phase from planning, construction to completion. Your prompt and very helpful responses to our requests and questions was also appreciated. Thank-you also for your suggestions, feedback and gentle persuasion that has enabled us to develop a website that utilises the best format and theme for our needs.The best part about what you offer is that ‘you are there’ for us well and truly after our website has been published. Your attention to our site’s performance, technical support and one-to-one training has been wonderful. We look forward to your continued support, and will not hesitate in recommending you to businesses big and small!
You have been an absolute integral part to making our new business venture a complete success!
Name withheldName withheldBali Private Villas
“Once again you amaze us with your designs and website knowledge. Our sales have increased over 100% in the first month and you got us on Page 1 and Position 1 of Google Searches.Brilliant Service and we’ll be singing your praises to everyone we know”
To the team at NSW Website Design, thanks for all your efforts. The board are very impressed.(I knew they would be).
“Thank you NSW Website Design…..I think you’ve achieved what has previously been unachievable! I know ##### in Melb has tried and was told it was impossible both technically and insurance wise. I think your making the moons align for me so thanks!“Website: I’m still marvelled at what you can do.Thanks…. You are absolutely super! Would be lost without you.Print: It looks really super and ties in great with the web site. Thanks for your work and getting me out there!
Jenni & MikeJenni & MikePoolTastic
I got a couple of quotes and NSW Website Design was the best option for value for money. Everything we wanted was not a problem and even when the site went live we wanted to change some wording. Nice work team.
Five Star Hampers would like to say thankyou to the team at NSW Website Design for such an amazing job done on our website.Since day one they have worked with providing us with only the best design that will attract our customers giving them a fresh and new look.The Cinallex Website is different, new and looks so creative when going onto our site and we have already received so many comments and best wishes for our business and comments on the creativeness shown on the Five Star Hamper site.



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